How to drive your customer experience

In today’s Instagram world, I am sure that you have heard numerous times that it is all about the experience. We are going to breakdown for you some tips about how to drive customer experience.

  1. Audit your product/services
    It is very important for you to walk in the shoes of your customer and understand their perspective as at the end of the day, they are the ones you are trying to get to engage with your business. You can do this by asking for feedback from customer or getting mystery shoppers to come in and provide feedback.
  2. Ensure your staff are well trained
    The reality is that your staff form a bit part of your customer experience. Ensuring your staff know about your product/services as well as is trained to deliver quality customer service is crucial. Ensure your staff are engaged as well. It makes things easier when staff are passionate about what they do. 
  3. Understand your customer
    Further to getting feedback from your customer, ensure your are understanding your customer and delivering on it. Whether it is an additional services that you customer is after or bringing in a product that you customer would really like.

Your customer experience has a direct impact on your business ROI. Ensure you are always monitoring, auditing and optimising it. 

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